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What are Located in Istanbul Ottoman relics

Located in Istanbul Ottoman relics Are in short
Serving as the capital for a long time the Ottoman Empire in İstanbul has many important historical monuments belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The works of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul;
Topkapi Palace: 15. – 19. Centuries in İstanbul was a fairly large significance for a House.Indresh, estuary River at the junction of the sea of Marmara and. This Palace was built in the year 1466 and 1478, was opened for use in the year.
Also, on display at the Topkapi Palace in Egypt today after the conquest of İstanbul by Sultan Selim I had to drag to the sacred relics in a separate importance.
Young: Ottoman war with victory in returning from the army, known as the Golden Gate Yedikule in conjunction with the Sultan’s saluting to the city gate. Can anybody see this place 7 Tower and officially converted into a Citadel. Today used as a Museum and in the summer hosts a variety of events.
The only exit door of the Black Sea, the Anatolian Fortress: the Bosphorus is located in the Asian part of the anadoluhisarı, constructed in the year 1390 by order of the Sultan Bayazit.Anadolu hisari thanks to the Bosphorus in taking control of the Ottoman Empire, has become a major checkpoint.
In addition, together with other historic works around Anadolu Hisarının a very nice landscape.
Rumeli Castle: Fatih Sultan Mehmet by pre-conquest Byzantium North in order to prevent help from a Hall.
Grand Bazaar: Officially the Grand Bazaar an underground city close to 60 with more than 3,000 shops and streets of the world’s oldest and largest historic covered Bazaar. Most grow up to contribute to the development of Istanbul is one of the venue.
Egypt Bazaar: the second largest market after the Grand Bazaar of İstanbul. IV. Hatice Turhan Sultan, the mother of Sultan Mehmed I mosque was built as a foundation by the new. Egypt, haggling 6 door and that door is the 3 portico, Egypt adds a different beauty and meaning Market.
Bakırcılar Bazaar: İstanbul University central building in the garden is a row of shops on the East and North sides. In General, the focus of interest for foreign tourists visiting İstanbul.
Maiden’s Tower: the Tower of the first place that comes to mind when Girls İstanbul.Located at the entrance of the Bosphorus, founded on the rocks is a small Tower. In the past it was used as an observation tower and the lighthouse. Today, it is used entirely for the purposes of tourism.
Made against the Byzantines by the Genoese Galata Tower as a present is inherited. The day’s conditions in order to protect the area against attacks. Today it is used as a restaurant.
Hagia Sophia Museum: architectural beauty and functionality in terms of first and last as the Hagia Sophia in the past many Ottoman depots Camisinin is a source of inspiration. History dating back to the Byzantine period, serves as the first Hagia Sophia Church in İstanbul has been turned into a mosque after the conquest of. After the proclamation of the Republic is transformed into a Museum and today still serves as a museum.
Beyazıt square: once upon a time there was built the largest square in İstanbul. The sources in the year 393. The Grand Bazaar is just located on the side of the Madrasah, bath in Beyazıt square and shops.

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