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Places To Visit In The Winter In Istanbul


Places To Visit In The Winter In Istanbul

Places to visit in the winter in Istanbul
In the winter, in a place like Café Istanbul attractions like outside destinations are very limited because the weather is really cold. Only you can choose the indoor Café. But then again, you can go in the winter in İstanbul, some of the places I’d like to say.
– Istiklal Street
– Taksim
– Galata Tower
– Maiden’s Tower (Kiz Kulesi)
– Besiktas
– Üsküdar
In particular, Üsküdar, Taksim and İstiklal Boulevard I suggest you roam. Financial sense here because it is more economical and more comfortable.
Below are given the winter landscapes of İstanbul 🙂
kışın istanbul-4
kışın istanbul-3
kışın istanbul-2
kışın istanbul

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